Fresenius Group Overview


Operating room at a HELIOS clinic

Fresenius Helios is one of the largest and most medically-advanced operators of both in- and outpatient care in Europe, offering expertise in all areas of clinical care. Fresenius Vamed manages projects and provides services for hospitals and other health care facilities worldwide.

Fresenius Helios owns and operates Helios hospitals in Germany and Quirónsalud hospitals in Spain.

The portfolio of Fresenius Vamed ranges along the entire value chain: from project development, planning, and turnkey construction, via maintenance and technical management, to total operational management.


Based in Berlin, Helios owns and operates 111 clinics, including seven maximum care hospitals in Erfurt, Berlin-Buch, Duisburg, Wuppertal, Schwerin, Krefeld and Wiesbaden. Helios hospitals provide inpatient care to more than 1.3 million patients annually.

  • Acute care hospitals

    As the only hospital group in Germany Helios operates its own hospitals ranging from basic care starting at 46 beds to maximum care with 1,500 beds. The acute care hospitals offer nearly the full spectrum of medical services at a high level of quality. Some Helios clinics are renowned beyond Germany’s borders for their outstanding medical achievements.

  • Post-acute care hospitals

    Helios post-acute care hospitals specialize in follow-up medical care and rehabilitation care. The 27 facilities, consisting of 23 post-acute care clinics and four rehabilitation centers, offer care options ranging from out-patient through to semi-inpatient and full inpatient treatment. Neurology, cardiology/internal medicine, orthopedics, oncology, psychosomatic medicine/psychotraumatology, hearing problems and geriatrics are areas of particular emphasis. Helios hospitals’ high medical standards, based on long years of experience in rehabilitative medicine, are maintained through continuous ongoing training for medical and non-medical staff, combined with strict quality controls.

  • Senior care

    By combining senior citizens’ homes and acute medical care, Helios gives residents access to optimum, fast medical care. Helios has already implemented this intelligent and trend-setting concept of short distances for seniors at nine of its hospitals.

  • Medical care centers

    Helios strives to expand its integrated medical care offering. This is made possible through cooperations with non-hospital providers, especially local doctors’ practices, as well as our own medical care centers close to the hospitals. Our medical care centers are only established where they offer a useful complement to our hospitals and when high-quality outpatient care cannot be guaranteed over a long period through cooperations with local doctors’ practices. In medical care centers, patients are treated before or after an inpatient hospital stay. An important goal is to avoid unnecessary duplication in examinations, because high quality and competent medical care in conjunction with the rational use of resources best serves the well-being of patients.


Quirónsalud operates 44 hospitals, 44 outpatient centers and some 300 Occupational Risk Centers. Headquartered in Madrid and active in every major metropolitan region of Spain, Quirónsalud has about 35,000 employees.


VAMED supports complex health care facilities efficiently and successfully at each stage of their life cycle. As a specialist provider of a full spectrum of services and being active worldwide, VAMED holds a unique position. The company has successfully completed more than 800 projects in about 80 countries.

  • Project business

    The project business comprises the consulting, project development, planning, turnkey construction, and financing management of projects. VAMED responds flexibly to the local needs of clients, providing custom-tailored solutions all from one source. The company also carries out projects in cooperation with partners. Among public clients there is growing interest in public-private partnership (PPP) models. VAMED is a pioneer in this market segment. Up to the end of 2016, 24 of these models had been or are currently being implemented.

  • Service business

    VAMED offers a full range of facility management services for health care facilities. Modular in design, the company's service offering encompasses every aspect of technical, commercial, and infrastructural facility management. This ranges from building and equipment maintenance, medical technology management, and technical management through to the operational management. Its integrated portfolio of services is aimed at the optimal operation of a health care facility. VAMED was responsible for the total operational management of 52 health care facilities on four continents with approximately 7,000 beds in 2014. Worldwide, VAMED provides technical operation services to more than 600 hospitals with about 140,000 beds.