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The HPC qualifies participants to handle health issues with confidence.

Comprehensive patient care begins with prevention. Fresenius Helios' occupational healthcare centers offer a wide range of workplace prevention services. In addition, the Helios Prevention Center (HPC) of Fresenius Helios offers programs for individual prevention and company health management in the form of checkups and health coaching at numerous locations around Germany.

Occupational Healthcare

The aim of effective occupational healthcare is to maintain and promote health, prevent harmful influences resulting from working life, detect illnesses and damage to health at an early stage, as well as reintegrate employees into the workplace after a longer period of absence due to illness.

In Germany, Helios offers fully comprehensive occupational medical care with a fixed, permanent contact person at 17 occupational healthcare centers. This covers everything from legally required examinations, health protection and promotion to risk assessments and recommendations for optimal workplace design.

Spain's leading occupational risk prevention companies Fraterprevención, MC Prevención, Premap and Unipresalud complement the Quirónsalud network, with more than 150 centers throughout Spain and a presence in Latin America and the Middle East.


Helios Prevention Center (HPC)

A check-up at the Helios Prevention Center provides an accurate picture of one's own state of health. Our participants at one of our six locations benefit from short waiting times, short distances and holistic lifestyle advice.

The HPC qualifies participants to handle health issues with confidence and enables them to achieve a performance grade that can function as a model. Health conscious and competent leadership can act as a beacon to bind together and motivate employees. HPC views itself as a partner to companies that want to actively promote the health of their employees. From a one-day checkup at a Helios clinic to health workshops lasting several days at beautifully situated resorts – our modular program combines Helios quality with the ambience of exclusive hotels. Studies show occupational healthcare measures generate outstanding cost-benefit ratios.


Helios Prevention Center
Service-Hotline: 0800-633 49 46

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