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We, as the Fresenius Group, value a diverse, inclusive, and equitable working environment which we aim to build and preserve. Diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) is discussed and embraced in our Group and its entities; however, we recognize there are situations for which a Group approach is not the right approach. Our aspiration is to strive for equity and inclusion, embracing both diversity and belonging as concepts which encompass unique situations and individuals. With this approach, we provide a framework which enables our employees to integrate into a workplace for which we aim to reduce barriers and unconscious bias and that supports them to follow their individual professional ambitions.

At Fresenius we support equal opportunities for all and consciously oppose discrimination of all kinds. No one may be discriminated against on the basis of skin color, ancestry, faith, political views, age, gender, ethnicity, nationality, cultural background, sexual orientation, physical condition, social background, appearance, or other personal characteristics. This extends equally to employees, business partners, and patients. We work in an atmosphere of mutual respect. Our dealings with each other are open, fair, and appreciative. We do not ­tolerate insults, humiliation, or harassment in our daily work, neither internally nor externally. Our managers have a ­special responsibility in this respect and act as role models. 

These values and our aspirations with regard to diversity are laid down in the Fresenius Code of Conduct, which is binding for all employees. This Code makes our stance clear, i. e., to support equal opportunities for all. This lays the foundation of our cooperation and corporate culture.

How we handle discrimination incidents

Information about violations of the principles of the Fresenius Code of Conduct and other possible misconduct can be reported via various notification systems, e.g., online and in various languages – anonymously, if necessary. All information is carefully examined and appropriate action taken in accordance with the results of the investigation. Depending on the type and severity of misconduct, sanctions such as actions under employment, civil, or criminal law can be imposed. After finishing the investigation, measures that prevent future misconduct, or at least make it more difficult, are implemented.

Living diversity in the business segments

Fresenius promotes international and interdisciplinary cooperation as well as diversity and inclusion throughout the Group. The diversity of our markets and locations is also reflected in the workforce of the four business segments. In our home market in Germany, we have employees of more than 140 nationalities. All business segments attach great importance to equal opportunities for all employees in the workplace as well as in the application, selection, and development procedures. In order to integrate equal opportunities into all processes and workflows and to overcome barriers or unconscious bias, the business segments develop diversity concepts that are adapted to the requirements of their respective business models and regions.

Diversity at Fresenius

Our employees are as diverse as the work we do. We’re convinced that combining different perspectives, opinions, experiences, cultures and values enables us to harness the potential that will make our company even more successful. Diversity takes many forms, and in this video you can hear some Fresenius employees talk about what diversity means to them.


Sebastian Schlagwein

Head of Group ESG
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