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Here you will find the key figures for the Fresenius Group. Additional key financial figures are available at our interactive analysis tool, which can be used to process or analyze the figures in graphical form.

Key Credit Figures Fresenius Group (IFRS)

2023 2022 2021

Net debt/EBITDA1,2,3
at LTM average FX rates for both net debt and EBITDA

3.76 3.80 3.64



Debt (€m)1,2

15,830 14,708 -

Net debt (€m)1,2

13,268 13,316 12,650



Cash Conversion Rate1

1.0 0.9 0.9

EBITDA/Financial result1,2,3 

8.2 13.8 15.0

  • 1 The previous year’s figures were adjusted due to the application of IFRS 5 to the deconsolidated activities of Fresenius Medical Care
    2 For pro forma acquisitions/divestitures
    3 Before special items