Fresenius Group Overview

Fresenius Vamed

VAMED is the leading European group of companies in planning, constructing, and managing health care facilities.

Fresenius Vamed manages projects and provides services for hospitals and other health care facilities worldwide. The portfolio ranges along the entire value chain: from project
development, planning, and turnkey construction, via maintenance and technical management, to total operational management.

This range of competencies enables VAMED to support complex health care facilities efficiently and successfully at each stage of their life cycle. As a specialist provider of a full spectrum of services and being active worldwide, VAMED holds a unique position. The company has successfully completed more than 960 projects in 95 countries.

VAMED Value Chain

Project business:

  • Project development
  • Planning
  • Project management and construction

Service business:

  • Services (technical, commercial, infrastructural)
  • Operational management (technical Management, total operational management
  • Project business

    The project business comprises the consulting, project development, planning, turnkey construction, and financing management of projects. VAMED responds flexibly to the local needs of clients, providing custom-tailored solutions all from one source. The company also carries out projects in cooperation with partners. Among public clients there is growing interest in public-private partnership (PPP) models. With 25 of these models, VAMED is a pioneer in this market segment.

  • Service business

    VAMED offers a full range of facility management services for health care facilities. Modular in design, the company's service offering encompasses every aspect of technical, commercial, and infrastructural facility management. This ranges from building and equipment maintenance, medical technology management, and technical management through to the operational management. Its integrated portfolio of services is aimed at the optimal operation of a health care facility. VAMED was responsible for the total operational management of about 100 health care facilities on five continents with more about 18,000 beds. Worldwide, VAMED provides technical operation services to more than 890 hospitals with about 205,000 beds.



  • VAMED Vitality World

    VAMED Vitality World’s thermal spa and wellness resorts have succeeded in bridging the gap between preventive medicine and health care tourism. With more than 3 million visitors annually in nine thermal spas and wellness resorts, VAMED is the market leader in Austria.

Fresenius Vamed - A Polyclinic in Ghana

VAMED plans and constructs health care facilities all over the world, e.g. this polyclinic in Ghana.

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