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(from left to right): Fabian Kienbaum, Fiona Adshead, Michael Moser, Anahita Thoms, Judith Walls

Fresenius has appointed an independent advisory board for sustainability issues. Four leading international experts from science, business, and consulting will in future support Fresenius in further development of its sustainability strategy. They will advise Michael Moser, who is the Management Board member responsible for environmental, social and governance (ESG).

The ESG Advisory Board is going to aid in developing the company’s ESG program further. Its members are extremely knowledgeable in Fresenius' key areas of action in the field of sustainability: from the design and implementation of health concepts and climate protection, through corporate sustainability principles, to future-oriented management and sustainable leadership as well as sustainability transformation.

The ESG Advisory Board consists of the following members:

Anahita Thoms (chairwoman)

"Sustainable businesses are businesses which are fit for the future. Giving importance to sustainability is critical to meet investor, talent and consumer expectations. By integrating sustainability considerations, businesses set up their companies for long-term success and resilience. It is our joint responsibility to address our planet’s environmental and societal challenges. Fresenius - as a leading global healthcare company with around 190,000 employees providing system-critical products and services for leading therapies for the care of critically and chronically ill patients - plays a particularly crucial part in making a difference."

Anahita Thoms leads Baker McKenzie's international trade practice in Germany and is a member of the EMEA Steering Committee for Compliance & Investigations. She is Global Lead Sustainability Partner for the Industrials, Manufacturing & Transportation industry group. She holds a seat on the National Committee of UNICEF Germany and the Board of Atlantik-Brücke. She has also been a member of the German government's Sustainable Finance Advisory Committee and the American Bar Association's International Human Rights Steering Committee.

Fiona Adshead

"I'm passionate about sustainable healthcare for healthy people on a healthy planet. Critical to this is demonstrable action underpinned by clear evidence".

Fiona Adshead is the former Deputy Chief Medical Officer in the UK Government and a leading expert on sustainability and health. She currently chairs the Sustainable Healthcare Coalition, an organization that brings partners together to promote sustainable healthcare. 

Fabian Kienbaum

"For us, ESG is a guiding principle for responsible, entrepreneurial action. As a service provider and family business, we understand that our success is closely linked to the well-being of our employees, the environment and the prosperity of Germany as a business location. Based on this, our motivation in terms of grandchildren's ability is to shape a future worth living for coming generations and at the same time to promote a business environment that creates long-term value."

Fabian Kienbaum has been a managing partner in third generation at Kienbaum since 2014 and has co-lead the company together with Dr. Bibi Hahn since 2021. His focus is on advising family businesses on corporate governance and succession planning, accompanied by many publications on leadership and new work.

Prof. Judith Walls

“Corporate sustainability to me means systematically addressing the social and environmental impacts of daily business activities. Since human industrial activity is the core driver of problems like climate change and biodiversity loss, it is only through transformation of business that we can achieve sustainability. To do so, companies need not only to reduce and minimize negative effects, but also recover, restore, and regenerate nature and society.”

Judith Walls is Chair of Sustainability Management and Director of the Institute for Business and the Environment (IWÖ) at the University of St. Gallen (HSG). She conducts research at the intersection of business and environmental sustainability.


Sebastian Schlagwein

Head of Group ESG
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