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Committed to Life: Fresenius now fresher and more modern with new brand identity

#FutureFresenius is making the company fit for the future. And the brand identity must reflect and support this.

#FutureFresenius is making the company fit for the future: Fresenius is focussing on its Operating Companies Fresenius Kabi and Fresenius Helios, so on the three therapy platforms (Bio)Pharma, MedTech and Care Provision. They cater to system-critical areas of healthcare and are geared toward value creation and profitable growth. The two Operating Companies are to now also work together more closely. And the brand identity must reflect and support this.

Fresenius CEO Michael Sen introduced the new brand identity to the public at the Annual General Meeting in May 2024. It will now be rolled out across the Group by the end of the year.

“Fresenius is now fresher and more modern. The company logo has not been changed entirely, but rather revamped. Among others, we have updated the color palette to fit perfectly with the digital world. This brand image stands for a new Fresenius. Internally, we hope that the uniform brand identity will help us to grow even closer together as Team Fresenius. Because regardless where we work, we are all Fresenius. Externally, we want Fresenius to be recognized as a leading global healthcare company. A brand is always a promise. For us, our promise is “Committed to Life,” whereby we consistently strive to improve people’s lives”, said Michael Sen, CEO of Fresenius.

A person is more than their illness

With Fresenius Kabi, Helios and, Quirónsalud, the company has a unique portfolio and expertise. It understands the life dimensions of illness and health better than any pure medical technology or pharmaceutical company ever could. The new brand identity aims to support exactly this: The new Fresenius. Because regardless of where employees work, they are all Fresenius! Externally, the company wants to create a consistent image and to be recognized as a leading global healthcare company. Which is why Fresenius has revamped all aspects of the brand image: the logos, colors and shapes, fonts and images. Particularly the bright, modern color palette perfectly fits into the digital world. The Kabi, Helios, and Quirónsalud logos will remain. However, they will be incorporated into the new Fresenius world visually so that it is always clear that Fresenius is ONE team.

Fresenius sees that people are more than just their illness. It sees the lives they lead – within their families, their communities, and their jobs. It accompanies people throughout their whole lives, for better or for worse. Fresenius is there when it matters. This is what the entire #TeamFresenius works toward each and every day with its 190,000 colleagues.

A brand is always a promise; for Fresenius, a promise to its customers – and especially its patients. The Fresenius promise is “Committed to Life.” The company consistently strives to improve people’s lives.

Key brand elements: more than the sum of its parts


The new Fresenius logo expresses the company’s self-image as a symbol and word mark. The geometric lines of the existing logo have been replaced with more emotional and organic forms. At the same time, its shape reminds of the “F” in Fresenius and brings the company’s brands together with a new common color scheme.

“Bond for Life”

One key design element is the “Bond for Life,” which derives from the lifelines of humans. It symbolizes the different needs that humans have during various phases in their lives. The “Bond for Life” is inspired by the lifeline in the palm of our hands and signifies people’s needs during the different phases in their lives – with all their ups and downs. These reflect the connection between all of the Fresenius businesses, which support people at every stage in their lives as best possible.

Rollout by the end of the year

Fresenius has planned the implementation of the relaunch in phases: The first phase is completed with the Annual General Meeting and introduction of the new Fresenius brand at corporate level. 

Now it's the Operating Companies' turn next: Their appearances will be harmonized with the new Fresenius brand presence and drive the launch forward together. Cross-business teams are already working together here. There will also be information and guidelines on this in the coming weeks - until then, the previous design of the Operating Companies will apply. 

The final harmonization and completed new brand architecture should be jointly defined and introduced by the end of the year.