5:30 p.m. Back in the pediatric intensive care unit, Philipp has survived the complex surgery. The four hours originally scheduled for the baby’s operation turned into nearly eight, and Prof. Kostelka looks tired, but happy. "Sometimes during an operation, the situation turns out to be much more complex than first assumed,” the surgeon says. “Then you have to deviate from your routine, react and find solutions. That’s how it was with Philipp. Due to an anatomical abnormality of the coronary arteries we had to start again three times, which meant that we also stopped the heart three times. As you can imagine this was a tremendous strain for the little boy.”
“However,” adds Prof. Kostelka, smiling, “we managed it, and now I am really happy and optimistic."

Only three weeks later, Philipp is well enough to leave the hospital with his mother. The infant is doing well, and can now begin to enjoy a healthy life with his family.

Pictures: © Thomas Oberländer, Helios