“The dedication and willingness to learn of medical officers rotating through nephrology has led to an increase in the number of doctors comfortable with the management of acute and chronic dialysis patients at the hospital,” said Dr. Dlamini, who is a specialist physician and nephrologist. “The dedication of the dialysis nursing team has been very inspiring, and instrumental, in the improvement of services offered to the patients.”

The Mbabane clinic has brought a high standard of dialysis care that has reduced mortality and increased patients’ quality of life, said Registered Nurse Ntombecane Hlatshawayo. For many families it has also meant improved living standards, since most of the patients are breadwinners. High-quality dialysis makes them more capable of holding down steady employment.

“It is of the utmost importance to acknowledge and appreciate the establishment of the Fresenius Medical Care dialysis center in Swaziland, as it has brought a lot of positive change in renal care,” she added.