Fresenius Kabi celebrated the 20-year anniversary of its Friedberg plant in the state of Hesse today. Since production began in 1997, the Fresenius Kabi site has produced more than two billion bottles and bags with infusion solutions, blood volume substitution agents and liquid drugs. These products are used in the therapy and treatment of critically and chronically ill patients.

The adjoining logistics center is the international hub for the company’s entire product line. Each day employees here fill roughly 2,000 orders. The logistics depot is equipped with a fully automated high-rack warehouse with space for 75,000 pallets. Shipments are assembled and packed in the semi-automated pick-and-drop area. From there they are shipped to wholesalers, pharmacies and hospitals in Germany, and worldwide to national subsidiaries of Fresenius Kabi.

Fresenius Kabi has invested about €150 million in the site – and continues to invest. The next step is expansion of the logistics center in response to increasing volume. The building will be expanded by 4,500 square meters (about 50.000 square feet) at a cost of six million euros. The expansion should be completed by early 2019.

Joachim Arnold, County Commissioner of the Wetterau region, acknowledged the importance of the plant for the region: “Fresenius Kabi has for many years been an important company and major employer. The ongoing investment represents job security and is also a tribute to the quality of this site.”

“We will continue the success story of Fresenius Kabi in Friedberg. The new investment expands the capacity of the logistics center to ship our products throughout the world. This means we can help more patients”, said Dr. Michael Schönhofen, member of the Fresenius Kabi Management Board and President of the Pharmaceuticals Division.

Fresenius Kabi currently employs about 750 people at the production site and logistics center in Friedberg, making it one of the largest employers in the Wetterau region. There are also roughly 40 trainees engaged as, for example, chemistry lab assistants, freight forwarders, logistics service providers and mechatronics technicians.