We welcome your interest in Fresenius. Protecting your privacy is important to us. We would like to inform you of the types of information gathered at www.fresenius.de and www.fresenius.com and explain how that information is used. However, our web sites sometimes include links to sites not covered by this data protection policy.

Collecting and processing personal data

As with most web sites, the following data is routinely collected during visits to our web sites: the name of your service provider (IP address), the web site that directed you to our site, the pages visited, your browser type and the date and length of your visit. This information cannot be used to personally identify visitors. Additional details are only collected with a user’s permission, for instance during an online job application or when taking part in an online survey. Personal information provided during a visit to our web sites is handled according to the current legal guidelines of the European Union.

During online applications, your data will be saved and evaluated as part of the application process. If your application piques our interest but we currently have no appropriate position, we may occasionally retain a copy of your details after the initial application process is complete. However, in this case we would first seek your permission.

Details provided on online forms are always collected using a secure connection to protect personal information from manipulation or unauthorized access. Please be aware that normal e-mail traffic is not secure.


In some areas of our website we use cookies. These are small text files that are temporarily stored from a website to your hard drive. Cookies do not damage your hard drive or contain viruses or suchlike. The cookies we use do not collect any information, which would make it possible to identify you personally. We use the information contained in cookies to facilitate your use of our sites and to adapt it to your needs.

If you do not want cookies to be stored on your computer, you can deactivate the relevant option in the system settings of your browser. Saved cookies can be deleted in the system settings of your browser at any time. However, please note that you will not be able to use all the site’s functions when you have deactivated the cookies.


This website uses the Piwik web analytics service to evaluate the user access to this website.

For this evaluation, cookies (for more information, see "Cookies") are stored on your computer. If you deny the storing of Cookies on your computer, please note that possibly you will not be able to use all the site’s functions. Nevertheless, you can refuse the storing of Cookies on your hard drive by deactivating the relevant option in the system settings of your browser.

The IP-address Piwik transmits, will not be merged with other data collected by us. For information of the third party’s privacy, please visit http://piwik.org/privacy/policy.


You can regularly receive information on our company, for example by fax or e-mail, by subscribing to one of our newsletters. Subscriptions may be cancelled at any time by e-mailing pr-fre@fresenius.com or calling +49 (0) 6172-608-2302.

If you recommend a web page to a friend or acquaintance using our "recommend site" button, we will only use the information you provide us to notify the recipient of the sender’s identity. Your details will not be used by us for other purposes or saved longer than necessary.

Right to information

On request, Fresenius will inform you in accordance with applicable law whether and what personal data relating to you has been stored by us. If incorrect information is stored despite our efforts to ensure that data is accurate and up to date, we will correct it at your request.

Additional information and inquiries

Our Corporate Communications department or data protection representative would be happy to answer any questions regarding our Internet privacy policy.

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