Fresenius Group Overview

April 22, 2020

Fresenius Helios develops process for safe reuse of masks

Fresenius Helios has developed a secure and highly effective process for purifying medical protective masks so they can be safely reused. It is being employed for FFP2- and FFP3-type masks, which help protect medical and care personnel who are treating COVID-19 patients. Going well beyond the safety standard set out by the Robert Koch Institute, Germany’s government agency responsible for disease control and prevention, the process allows the purified masks to be used by any staff member – not just the previous user. Starting immediately, Helios Germany’s hospitals can purify 8,000 masks daily using the process, which was developed with the support of Fresenius Vamed and Fresenius Medical Care. The company has chosen not to commercialize the process and is making complete information about it available online, free of charge.