In addition to her job, Tri is also very socially committed. When the tsunami struck in 2006, she traveled to the badly affected city of Padang to work as a volunteer. As a member of the Taiwanese aid organization Tsu Chi International Medical Association, she has also helped out in the aftermath of several severe earthquakes. In 2014, she gained another nursing qualification to enable her to advance her career.

Amirul has similar ambitions for the future. Through his hard work, he has long finished repairing the dialysis machine in Blang Pidie. An electronic component had to be replaced, but that posed no problem for the young technician. With great dedication, he has familiarized himself with the workings of the high-tech machines. “But I still don’t know enough. I want to learn much more about them,” he says, describing his ambition to be involved in developing a better health care system – also to give his wife and himself better prospects in life.