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Dialysis Machine

Photo: Dialysis machine
Dialysis machines ensure safe treatment

The computer-controlled dialysis machine is one of the most important products in the treatment of chronic renal patients and, in hemodialysis, it takes over a number of key functions – it pumps blood from the patient’s body through the blood lines to the dialyzer (artificial kidney or filter). There, a fluid known as dialysate transports the toxins and excess water filtered from the blood away from the body. The fluid is introduced against the flow of blood through a separate circuit that is also controlled by the dialysis machine. In addition, the device injects drugs (such as Heparin) that restrain coagulation. The system has a number of automatic monitoring and control functions that ensure a safe and efficient dialysis treatment for patients.

Dialysis machines also continuously collect a variety of data during treatment including arterial and venous pressure, the rotating speed of the blood pump and the temperature as well as the composition of the dialysate. In addition, the machine controls the amount of fluid removed from the body. A clamp prevents air bubbles from entering a patient’s body. Should one of the values exceed or fall below established levels, the machine reacts immediately and halts or alters the treatment accordingly until the value returns to the approved range – the patient’s safety is the most important part of dialysis.

Fresenius Medical Care is the leading manufacturer of dialysis machines

The modern dialysis machines from the 2008, 4008 and 5008 series from Fresenius Medical Care allow nephrologists to offer the best-possible treatment to their patients. More than every second dialysis machine sold around the world each year comes from the Company’s two production sites in Schweinfurt, Germany, and Walnut Creek, California. The newest dialysis machine – the 5008 therapy system – won the German Business Innovation Award in 2006. The 5008 sets itself apart with an especially easy-to-use interface and low maintenance as well as low water and energy usage. In addition, the 5008 therapy system offers ONLINE Hemodiafiltration (HDF) as a standard option. This is currently the best-possible treatment for chronic kidney patients and has a positive effect on cardio-vascular complications, further decreasing the risk of mortality.

For more information about kidney patient care, please visit the UltraCare website of Fresenius Medical Care North America.